UAE Residence Visa | Residency Permits in United Arab Emirates

A Guide On How To Obtain A UAE Residence Visa

Obtaining a residence visa for the United Arab Emirates is not a complete necessity for most people. Those who wish to simply visit for short amounts of time, for example, have no need for a visa, as long as they come from certain nations. These nations can be found quite easily on the UAE immigration department’s official website regarding UAE residence visa.

Of course, visitors without a visa have extra regulations and requirements regarding their conduct, wait period, and passport. However, many people do require a UAE Residence Visa for their purposes. For example, those who would use the UAE as a place to create an offshore company need a visa, as they will be owning something on UAE soil, and will most likely be visiting and staying in the UAE for extended periods. And these people would do well to know how to obtain a UAE residence visa.

Firstly, there are a number of different types of visa. Transit visas are to be used if one is only in the country for an extremely short amount of time; these are given to people upon arrival in the country. These are generally for stopovers during travel or when someone has connecting flights. These can be valid from anywhere from eight to ninety six hours.

But those who plan on working and/or living in the United Arab Emirates need to know how to obtain a UAE residence visa. This is a long and time consuming process, but it is also one that pays off in the end with the country’s permission to work and live in the UAE.

First, one is issued with what’s called an entry permit. This allows the person in country to live in the country while they are analyzed and possible residency permits are authorized. This entry permit is generally applied for by the employer of the person in question. In general, the applicant for the residency permit itself does not have to concern him or herself with the paperwork regarding the entry permit.

After that, the new resident will have to apply to the department of residency with an application noting where the resident wishes to work and live. A sponsor will sometimes have to create the application on their behalf. The resident must already have a job that’s open for them; one can’t get a residency visa simply to look for work.

The resident’s medical history, passport, and other qualifications will then be examined. The applicant will most likely undergo a medical examination in order to ensure that all prospective residents are in good health and are not carriers of diseases. Other than that though, obtaining a UAE residence visa is relatively simple and should not cause any particularly complicated problems.